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My Retirement Plan

My Retirement Plan offers active plan members secure access to their personalized pension information online. Members can:

  • View their Annual Member Statement;
  • Use the Pension Projection Tool; and
  • View helpful retirement and financial planning resources.


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As we continue to navigate living and working during the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and wellness of our employees and our plan members remain our top priority.

We are currently accepting in-person meetings with plan members by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with us, please contact us by phone or email.

If you are coming to our office for a scheduled appointment, please know that we are following Public Health guidelines, and ask that you practice social distancing, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and follow all posted signage.

To help keep you informed, we have created this page and will update it with important messages, service updates and answers to commonly asked member questions.


Service Updates

  • October 5:  We are now accepting in-person meetings with plan members, by appointment only.
  • June 19:  PSSP members only – Annual Member statements have been mailed.
  • May 20:  PSS members only - Statements are normally mailed by June 1st; however, they will now be mailed July 1st.
  • May 1:  TPP members only - Teachers’ Pension Plan Annual Member Statements to be mailed May 6

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Message from our Chief Executive Officer and our Chief Pensions Officer



Commonly Asked Questions

Will I continue to receive my pension payment?

Yes, pension payments will continue to be paid on time. We have plans in place to ensure timely delivery of existing and new pension payments.


The markets have been up and down. Will that change the amount of my pension? Could I lose my pension?

No, your pension plan is a defined benefit pension plan. Market volatility has no impact to our being able to provide you your pension, in the correct amount. Unlike RRSPs or defined contribution plans, pensions paid under a defined benefit plan are based on your years of service and salary history, not on the fund’s current market value. Your pension will remain ‘as is’ regardless of market fluctuations.


What impact has recent market turmoil had on my pension? Is my pension going to be impacted?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a temporary phenomenon.

During this time, it is important to remember:

  • long-term performance counts for pension plans, and
  • your pension is part of a defined benefit plan.

Your plan’s Trustee manages and invests for the long term, maintaining a large and very diverse portfolio, and follows robust investment strategies. The Plan’s asset mix is intended to reduce risk during turbulent periods.


Has COVID-19 impacted Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation’s ability to function day-to-day?

We have changed the way we operate; and have scaled back on the number of essential staff required in the office at any one time. In doing so, we are able to adhere to all public health guidelines, including social distancing. Due to our scaled back size, we are focusing first on key services, particularly paying pensions and starting new retirements. Then, as we are able, we will address other requests/inquiries.

Please understand that our normal response and processing times may be extended for less urgent requests.